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Our Aim

An endeavor to make it the biggest online education quantum.We provide support to students to encapsulate their ideas.

Who We are Seeking ?

The program is seeking the most highly motivated students. Candidates must have completed atleast 12th standard.


The purpose of our internship program is to allow students to explore a possible career field through real-world experience.

What is Easy Paper ?

It is a complete student run start-up. We provide previous years question papers online and we are making a data base of every university in India.

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How internship will Benifit you?

Gain hands-on experience at a local business to build upon skills learned in the classroom and to establish a clear connection between education and work.

Why do we Provide Internships to students?

Internships allow students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting while still in college. Internships offer carefully planned and monitored work experience.

What we provide?

We provide online tutorials for honing your skills. Apart from the primary focus on making the question papers largely available online, the intern also has to initiate and stimulate the students to think out of the box.

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Sachin Singla
College head (SD)
Palak Kalra
College head (MCM DAV)
bhavishay chawla
Intern head
Komal brar
Intern head
vedika prajapati
Content writer
Mridula Khurana.
Muskaan gupta
College head (DAV)

For good score and better preparation we need guidance which can show us the successful path. Easy paper is a path which gives you answer to all your questions related to any of your subjects. It helped alot of students including me.

- Diksha mahajan

I have learned alot while working with easypaper.in as team leader. It was a very good opportunity that i grabbed easypaper made me work on graphical application and improved my leadership quality.

- Ankush Dhingra

I feel extremely lucky to get an opportunity to work with a student run startup. Work no longer seems to be stressful when mixed with right amount of fun and learning. I am sure I'll never forget the lessons I got and the time I spent here.

- Sanjeevani Sharma
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